Verity’s ‘Ventures

Age: I am 6 months! - Hard to believe I have been here that long!

Size:  I have grown nicely - 15 pounds - well past double by birth weight, which they tell me I was supposed to get to by 6 months.  I did a good job!

-Here me talk:

  • Things I like:
  • - Watching Keon run around and entertain me. He makes me laugh a bunch!
  • -  Jump in the jolly jumper - I am starting to get a good rhythm down with this.
  • - Eating - I still like this from time to time, though lately I have a good idea of how much I want to eat, usually less than mommy thinks I should. Then at times I wake up in the middle of the night to have a snack.
  • -  Looking around to see who wants to pay attention to me.
  • Words that I DON’T understand:
  • - “Relax” - I typically have a very involved approach to life.  I like investigating, looking around, and generally learning about what is going on. Enough of the swing - I like sitting up!
  • -  Snuggle - (see above)-

Can you guess?


What was my first real food to taste?

What happened to my first tooth I worked so hard on?