Mommy’s Moments






Daily Dependence...

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 6 months since Verity was born and how quickly time will pass and she will be 1 and walking around…Keon is nearly 3 and it seems he was just starting to walk not long ago.   How true it really it how everyone tells you how fast your little ones will grow up! It’s with this in mind that I am continually needing to remind myself of what I encouraged other mothers before I was married myself about the seasons of life and enjoying the season that God has you in instead of focusing on what you are not able to do .   How quickly one day turns to another and another and so on…and the investments missed cannot be re-captured again.  The dirty house or the gourmet meal that never got cooked won’t matter in the long term….but then there are so many days that I feel like I am missing the boat on  all of these areas, and that is when I need to remember the most important thing-abiding in Him, for without His strength I really can do nothing….I so appreciate my husband reminding me of this in times that I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with myself.  No matter what our circumstances or the season of life that we are in, we NEED the Lord. So may we all be encouraged in our need for daily dependence upon the Lord.  

I find myself once again focusing on my children as I write because there is always something changing with them as they grow and learn new things, but at the same time I am so very grateful for the wonderful husband that God has blessed me and the children with…what an amazing man and super daddy. When I think of the verse “Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord”, that’s Adam. Of course after being married for 4 years I am well aware of the imperfections that we all have, but I am indeed a very blessed woman to get to be married to such a sacrificial man; so consistently gentle and so patient with me and my many flaws and irritations and too often irritability.  I love seeing him play with his children…especially Keon. I don’t think could hardly think of many things he’d rather do than play with daddy, and Verity is always vying for his attention herself.   We all think daddy is pretty great, and not without reason.    He does a good job of taking time for each of us even with his busy schedule with work, school, church responsibilities, etc., but even so, none of us can get enough of him!   

I am also so grateful for the Lord’s abundant provision for our family in these last two years that Adam has been without consistent work…Adam is a very hard and willing worker and I never have had to worry that he will not be a faithful provider for us, but there has not been a lot of jobs out there, so we have had opportunity to see the Lord provide for us so far abundantly beyond the realm of need…from family and church members employing him, to other odd and temporary jobs and special gifts that we have been the blessed recipient of, God continues to pour out his bounty upon us.  Once again, we need the Lord!   He who is the same yesterday, today and forever will continue to care for us as we remain dependent upon Him.  His mercies are new every morning-great is His faithfulness!  







Praise and Thanks to God.

I am so grateful and praise the Lord for the precious girl that he has blessed us with. What a miracle she is and we are so thankful for the Lord’s protection upon her within the womb and during delivery. It’s fun to be a mommy of a new baby again!