The Marble Run

Well, it happened over a two year period, this project did. And now is has finally come to an end, at least for the time being. Nope, it is not the house project in general - still plenty to do on that. But it is one project that has been a sub-project of the house building endeavor. I am happy to introduce you to yet another facet, if not a rather amusing part, of the Maple Leaf Manor - the Marble Run!

This contraption is built into the house. At the time of the inception of the idea, I was not getting married or even planning on it, but I had nieces at the time so I figured I could justify a little of built in fun in my house. So with a little orange tubing and a big fat drill bit the project began.

The marble run starts at just about the highest point in the house winding its way both inside of the walls and out in the open all the way to the bottom. Starting in the bedroom the marbles are placed in hoist that delivers them to the entry tray near the ceiling and drop inside of the bedroom wall. They wind their way through the studs into the bathroom where they emerge and cross the bridge, constructed of glass a wood.

After making the crossing the marbles disappear into the wall again and poke out in the living room for a trip down “A-Mazing Trail” a wood plate that has been grooved with intertwining trails, which allow the marbles to pass each other. At the end of the trail they fall into the “Wheelie Doodle” and descend through a forest of dowels, bouncing around like a pin ball, whirling the pin wheel, and finally dropping into a hopper. From there they enter the “Avalanche” and make the final and longest leg of their journey which ends in the entry way downstairs. And there you have it.

Ok, so it does not have a whole lot of purpose, but the kids have fun with it...