The Manor Itself

We have a little corner of ground on this earth that the Lord has given us to manage.  The 1.6 acres is on Warren Road in the County of Columbia in the grand state of Oregon.  I say “grand” in the sense of its natural beauty and temprate climate; don’t read too much else into that adjective...  In any case, the driveway is on the south end, which is about 15 feet lower in elevation than the middle of the property where the house is located.  The entrance is decorated with a bit of rock work to greet you.  Had a thought of putting a pondless waterfall in there, but it is not likely to be added anytime soon.

At the top of the driveway is the garage apartment, boasting a bold shade of red, though not quite strong enough to remind you of a fire engine (before they started to paint them neon green, that is); a barn is likely to come to mind when you see the shade. One visitor actually asked if the building was an old one that we had fixed up.  I am not sure if I should take that as compliment or not, but being as we were trying to make this new construction home not so modern looking, I guess I will take it....

So contrary to the thought of one, the structure is but a few years old., the foundation having been poured in 2005.  The footprint is 26 x 36 with the majority of the living space being upstairs. At present there are two bedrooms, one up and one down, and one bathroom upstairs.  A single level addition would add another bedroom and bath at the north end of the home. Ultimately this addition would connect the garage to a conventional home which would be built by some unnamed person close to the area that the photo at left is taken from.  I will worry about the addition for now.

The general theme of the home is knotty pine.  While it is a pretty wood and relatively cheap, it does happen to be soft.  Therefore wear and tear happen a little easier to the floor and the trim.

 But that will aid in turning the place into the lodge-like, rustic feel we were trying to bring to it. Recently we added trim to the bathroom and kitchen - the end is closer!

A few other extraneous features of the property and house are shown. So hopefully now you have a better feel of the place that we call home - also known as “The Maple Leaf Manor”.