What’s Been Happening?

Life - that is what has been happening!  We have had a busy second half of our year - not anything very major, but always seems there is something going on.  Either a wedding of friends, a Reformation Celebration, or building projects at the cousins house.  You might have found us busy at any one of these things in the last months, or maybe just making bread, going to work, enjoying the fire pit and weeding the garden.  All of it makes up the true stuff of life and we are glad that it happens! And if you want more information, our Christmas letter is below for you to look through...

Finishing – We are still doing this to our home.  Gradually, ever so gradually, the trim keeps going up around the place.  Adam is looking forward to deeming the home as “done”.  At our current rate, however, it may be a couple years yet.  We’ll see…

Idaho – With the car nearly overflowing with people and stuff, we and Louise traveled to our neighbor state /for Thanksgiving. Verity met Uncle Tanner and Aunt Tina (Karen’s sister) and Keon and the 3 cousins had great fun together during the 3 ½ day visit. The snow on the ground provided outdoor play, beautiful views, and a great spot to take our Christmas picture! We are standing on their front porch – nice view, eh?

School – Adam is still plodding away at school, pursuing a BSBA with an emphasis in accounting. After being laid off two years ago and with the job market as it is, Dad Fischer encouraged Adam to go back to school, offering to fund such a proposition. If he can keep up with the current schedule, Adam is slated to complete the degree by next September. We are looking forward to where the Lord will lead. 

Coast Trip – We made our annual outing to Seaside, Oregon with all of the Fischer Family staying at Grammy’s beach house.  Walks on the beach, hikes along the ocean, and games at night were some of the highlights on the weekend getaway.  

Heritage Bible Church – It has been a tremendous blessing being involved with this group of believers these last years.  From men’s meetings and family camp to Sunday services and potlucks, the encouragement, love, accountability, and fellowship that have come from this body have been a central part of our lives. While we are most grateful to the Lord Jesus for our eternal salvation that He has won, His gift of fellowship among the believers is certainly another great blessing in which we rejoice. 

Events – Plenty of these to go around this year – Weddings, a Reformation Celebration, hymn sings, a home school conference, a marriage seminar – each bringing their share of blessing and encouragement.

Rain – This is an excellent ingredient for your garden – that is if it is received in the proper quantities.  Along with many of you in the Northwest, we fought the VERY wet spring and early summer, while attempting to reap some produce from our little plot of earth. In spite of rotting seeds, relentless slugs, and rain, we did end up with a fair amount of lettuce, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, pickles, squash, carrots radishes, and a few tomatoes for which we are grateful.  Adam’s watermelon, however, did not make it…  We have enjoyed gardening are looking forward to more next year – perhaps with less rain and fewer slugs!

2 – This was the age at which Keon spent most of 2010.  As is typical of those his age, there was much to see, learn, and of course endless phrases and statements that have daddy and mommy trying to conceal their laughing.  We have enjoyed the ability to interact with him on an ever increasing amount of fronts.

0 – Verity (Truth) Charis (Grace) has had this many birthday parties, being as she just came into the world in June of this year.  We give praise to the Lord for her safe arrival and pray that He will build in her heart an unwavering commitment to His truth as well as an ability to share it with others with grace. We have enjoyed her very active presence in our home.  (“Relax” does not seem to be in her vocabulary.)

1 New slide at our house – feel free to come by and try it sometime – even if you don’t have kids!0 – Zero, nothing, nata, zip – We have been recognizing more and more that this is what we have outside of Jesus Christ.  All that this world offers means nothing without the saving work of Jesus and His Lordship in one’s life. We pray that you will discover this undeniable truth as well.