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A couple of months ago my brother sent me a book to read, encouraging me to review it so that we could discuss it at a later time.  As I read through it, I was challenged to consider various aspects of what the western Church at large has come to perceive as the correct way of “doing church” and “living as a Christian.” Many of these presuppositions are based on the influence of church history and tradition as opposed to being founded on the Word of God. As I completed the book it left an impression on me of the importance of living my life not to please the expectations of those around me or live according to some unwritten list of do’s and don’ts, but rather to please my heavenly King. While  I am a huge supporter of understanding and knowing Church history, sometimes I believe that we need to pull back and push aside what can be a cloud of past traditions and ways of operating so that we can get to know Christ in truth and not just based on our own presuppositions or understanding.  Knowing Christ - that is what must be central.

A Daughter!

Wow! I have a daughter - and as I write this she is squeaking over by the window as she takes her sun bath.  When you look at a new born, one must come away with an amazement at our Creator - Jesus Christ. They are most certainly a miracle - from their little beating heart to the hair on their head that they may or may not keep.  Our Lord is amazing.  And His Creation is a living testimony of His Word.

Verity means “truth”.  Our desire is that Verity would grow up with an immovable passion and commitment to God’s truth. Such a dedication would come from a heart that is committed to the Lord Jesus Christ,, rooted in a love for him. And while we would desire for her to be a woman committed to truth whatever the cost, this truth must be lived out and shared with grace and love for those around her - thus her middle name Charis, meaning “Grace”. And of course, not only will her name serve as a reminder to her, we will have these concepts continually before us as we speak and write her name.

I am so grateful to our Lord Jesus for this newest addition to our family and am trusting him to bring her up in a way that is pleasing to Him.





Christmas from above

Earlier this Christmas season I was listening to some Christmas songs and was struck by the significance of the Lord Jesus, the son of God, being born! Some of the lyrics to the songs I was listening caused me to consider the Christmas story from a different vantage point - not a shepherd, wiseman, Joseph, or even a pig in the stable. Rather the perspective was from above - from heaven.

Here laid out before heaven is the earth and all of its happenings.  As preparations are made and prophecies are given, the time comes when Jesus, the Word, will become flesh.  Then it happens - He is conceived in Mary.  The Lord Jesus is down there, but not one is aware of it except for a precious few.  But then the day comes...the time for Jesus to be born. All of history has been building to this point - this was going to be the showing of the promise that was made thousands of years before - and now it was here!! This was Jesus, God Himself, come to earth, not just to come, but to fulfill a mission that had been on His heart all the milleniums long.  Praise God! He came, He came, He came!

Ok, so that is it, not quite sure how to end the thought.  I guess I saw in a new way how amazing, exciting, and fantastic the birth of Jesus Christ was and is.